AC - something went POP!

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Mar 28, 2003
Boulder, CO
The other day, it was hot, AC working just fine. When I parked, I heard a loud pop, sounded like a radiator hose blowing, however it was somewhere around the AC, all the coolant leaked out.

I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. I was working fine without issue prior to this. Thoughts to look at first?
There's a blow-off valve on the plate on top of the compressor where the hoses attach. Look for a oil slick in that area. Also check the hose going from the compressor to the condenser. It's the high side hose and under the most stress when the system is operating. It's also likely that your fan clutch is weak and not pulling enough air thru the condenser which allows the high side pressure to be excessive >400psi.
Thanks, I will check those items this afternoon/eve. I have a Landtank modified blue clutch, installed about 4 years ago. I haven't noticed any issues with it, my temps are okay and AC was blowing cold prior. It was a hot day, had been in some stop and go, but temps weren't overly high (scangauge on dash). But, all parts on the AC are original, 20 years and 365k miles, perhaps it was it's time.

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