AC compressor to condensor fittings?

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Mar 29, 2009
Rio Rancho, NM
I got a used condenser off a parts vehicle because I noticed mine was beat up when I rebuilt the motor early this spring. I just tried to hook up the used condenser and found my fittings are too big. Both fittings that go to the drier on driver side and passenger/ compressor fitting. Also look to be slightly different. Any ideas on what it could be other than my used one is wrong part number??? any one know where to source these hose fittings I cant find crap on line other then condensors and compressors?
Thanks for any advice or links to shop
It sounds like you got a condenser from a '91-early '93 which used R12. The '93 and later systems using R134a had different condenser fittings. Your best bet is to get a new condenser, Rockauto has a Denso for $75. Part #477-0554.
I guess that has to be but I was almost positive it came off a 94, I hope that's the case makes it easier

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