AC Blower / Blend Door Issue? (1 Viewer)

Feb 25, 2019
Peachtree City (Atlanta-ish), GA
My 98' LC100 is having an odd AC issue. All of the time, the AC is ice cold. However, the blower is acting strange. Most of the time, the fan blows air as it should out all the vents. However, after I've been driving a while, its as if a baffle somewhere closes or opens making the fan blow way less air despite working just as hard. This happens regardless of if I have it on Auto everywhere or if I manually select the fan speed and location as well as if I have it intaking fresh air or recirculating. When it does this, it's still freezing cold but the air seems to be going somewhere else... namely in the passenger footwell. There will be ice hanging from the blower unit below the glove box.

I've searched this forum and google... perhaps I don't know what terms to use in the search. Can someone assist, please?

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