ABS Accumulator

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I was able to use a oil filter wrench to get mine off. What are the part numbers for the silencer tube and spring? I was able to find the part number for the o ring ( 9030124010 ) but couldn't find the others.
Not sure where that o-ring part number comes from. These are what I show and used.

O-Ring: 9030113014
Silencer tube: 4795530010
Spring: 9050116160
does brake fluid shoot out like an oil well? Having not done this yet, I'm curious. I do know you have to evacuate the pressure (40 pumps) first, but will gravity still force out fluid?

I just replaced the motor and put it all back together and bled everything fine and my goose noise is STILL there. So I'm gonna throw $7 worth of parts on the accumulator first before I buy the whole accumulator ($350).

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