AA TC Mounting Bracket

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Aug 14, 2008
Monrovia, Ca
I would like some input from the Orion/TC experts. I received my Transfer Case rear mount from AA and noticed that they did not add the drain back port to the mount the way it is on the stock cover. Is this a problem or an improvement?

BTW this mount is fabricated beautifully.
Inside surface of the AA Mount

My plan right now is to machine a channel to match the stock cover unless I hear a reason to leave it like it is.
I don't know that it matters all that much, since the oil is definitely going to drain back through the bearing. Yes, it will retain a little oil, but not a significant amount. I added the drain channel to the cover of my VSS when I built it, but I don't think I'd cut into the plating of the AA mount to add one. My $.02.
I'm not sure what method is used to get oil to the bearing but it would seem to have an advantage going in and passing thru instead of stagnating. Sort of like trying to get into an elevator while others are trying to get out.

The flow thru into the sump also carries away any wear particles from the bearing.
for decades, the propeller mount has been the same and outside of supporting a transfer case that wasn't made to be supported, i've never heard of any issues, so i'm sure it's fine.
I thought the older AA mount had a spacer then the mount then the stock sheet metal cover. I don't know if the old mount had the drain back passage.

When mounting with an automaitc tran they suggest that you support under the transmission. Probably since the tail housing is too weak.
What other rear mounts have been used on the back of the Orion for Support?

I made a tranny support instead. I had a ton of problems with the xfer bolts coming loose and talked to redfox, who had the same issues. Hesaid once he switched support from the back of the drivetrain to underthe trans, he hadno more issues. Worked for me too.
I thought using studs instead of bolts was supposed to prevent them coming loose?
Red Loctite should keep them from loosening.

If the nuts fall off at least the case will still be hanging on the studs.
Not the aa mount studs....the bolts holding the tcase to the tranny. They were red locktighted...still loosened up. I had a v8, so supported very front and very rear, everything in tbe middle flexes and loosens, the leaks
Was this with a stock case or an orion?
If the bolts with thread locker are loosening then either the bolts are stretching, threads are pulling out, or the case is compressing. I'll keep an eye on mine and see if I notice anything unusual.

I bought a transmission mount initially that I can use to bolt to the skid plate and support some weight.
I can't think of a stock tranny that's mounted any way but with a flexible mount in the center. If the motor torques right the trans and transfer will roll with it. Just as nuclearlemon said, they will loosen up if you wheel much so keep an eye on them. Those arms put a lot of torque on the t-case when the frame twists
stock case, but an orion is going to suffer the same fate
New Transmission Mount

I want to thank you all for putting doubt in my head about the AA Propeller mount. I could never look at the mount the same again.

So I fabbed up a transmission mount so I could eliminate it.
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