A442 Trans Temp Gauge ??

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Jun 30, 2015
Temple Terrace, FL
Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone happens to know of an aftermarket temp gauge sensor that would fit into the spot where the A/T temp sensor goes. I purchased a union from Toyota that has the spot on it for the factor Temp Sensor. I would like to put an aftermarket Temp gauge in there. If not a temp sender does anyone know the thread size ? Thanks for the help
My local fitting place made an adapter for me.

trans fitting adapter.jpg
You can also drill the union at the 90 degree bend and tap to 1/8" NPT. I recommend getting spare union before attempting that.
I thought I recorded it, but unfortunately it looks like I didn't.

They literally had it sitting on their shelf, then they put it in a lathe and drilled/tapped it to 1/8" NPT. I have to imagine it's somewhat common.

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