A/T Oil Temp Light

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Feb 9, 2009
Biloxi, MS
I've got a '97 LX with 215k miles. It's been babied it's entire life. On the way home from work, flat ground, 90ish degrees F. Same route as always, the A/T Oil temp light popped on. Not hauling anything and zero extra weight in the truck. Only non stock item are the 285 BFG ATs that I've been running for 3k miles or so.
Trans shifts fine, perfect fluid level, goes in to overdrive just above 50mph as normal.
I let it cool over night and first start in the morning the light is still on.

I've searched and only find talk about adding coolers and aftermarket temp sensors. There was mention of it possibly be the charging system.

Could I have a bad sensor or ?? :hmm:
Did you check the level? It could be low more than a quart and still shift OK, but with less fluid could run hotter.
Just double checked the fluid. Idling in park fluid level is perfect.

I'm wondering if the light should go off once the temp drops down to normal range and if so that would lead me to believe the sensor is bad since the light is on when the trans is cold.
Did about 5-10 miles at 60mph and the light went off. Dunno, we'll see if it comes back. Leaning towards bad sensor.

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