A/C trouble

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Oct 25, 2015
Hey folks,

Picked up a cruiser in Edmonton a couple of months back after having to sell my other 80's series to go back to school. The new one was not as well maintained as my old 80.

I'm having some difficulty with the A/C compressor. When I turn the vehicle on (A/C off) the drive belt turns no problem - when I engage the A/C the belt continues to turn, and the clutch engages, but the clutch doesn't turn (ie. the belt spins and I'm getting a wonderful sound).

There is a couple of things that I've found so far on some of the threads and I'm wondering in which order and how I should be checking them (belt tension, A/C refrigerant levels, clutch).

Belt Tension is what I would like to try first (cheapest) - how do I measure the belt tension?

If that fails I imagine I should check the A/C refrigerant levels and top them off if low? Or at least check for leaks?

The only other thing that I can think of is that the clutch is faulty on the compressor?

Any help appreciated!
If the belt is slipping on the clutch pulley when the AC is on, either the belt is way loose or the compressor is locked up. I would try turning the clutch pulley with the AC on and the belt loosened (engine off but key in the on position). If the clutch pulley does not turn, then compressor is likely locked up and replacement will be necessary.

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