a/c clutch removal -how?

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Dec 8, 2006
Greenfield, MA
I've been trying to pull the a/c clutch off the compressor, and can't seem to get it off. I removed the nut and washer at the nose end, and put a large three jaw puller on and around the main pulley, but it won't budge. Is there some special trick or tool needed to get the clutch off the compressor body?

I'm taking the clutch off so I can change the 24v. stator out for a 12v. one.
Did you remove the snap rings? There are two, one in the front and I think one in the middle between the rotor and the stator someplace.
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Do NOT pull the big pulley off yet! The nut only frees the face of the pulley NOT the entire pulley. You need to pull the face off where the face and the pulley are separate. At that point when you look inside you'll see several snap rings like "japan4x4" is talking about. Remove those and eventually you'll get to the clutch stator and one of those snap rings also holds the large pulley.
Hmm, i need to take a closer look at this pulley to see how it is a 2-piece assembly like that. I will post up pics later today when I return to struggling with the thing. Will be looking for snap rings as well. Thanks guys!

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