A/C Clutch or Compressor??

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Apr 29, 2003
Well after reading most of the complete threads on the Air conditionng system I have decided to start my own for the mere fact of receiving specific advice for my situation.

The history is last year when the A/c quit blowing cold I would get a loud belt squeal. I also figured out if I were on the hwy before engaging the a/c it would blow cold longer before starting to squeal. So I delt with no a/c and now as it is about ready to get hot in Texas I want to get it resolved.

So I had the wife hit the a/c button while I watched the compressor & clutch. When button was pushed the clutch would engage and begin spinning. But it had a deffinate wobble on the nose of the compressor. Also with the engine off I tried to manually turn the clutch. I could move it but with much effort and not even a full rotation. Also the site glass reports from best I can tell normal r-134a levels as per the FSM.

So my question for the a/c experts: course of action. Could I just replace the clutch on the compressor. So as not to have to open the system (if I understand it correctly). My worry with that is the wobble has worn he bearings of the compressor and it is shot also. Or should I bight the bullet and evac the system, replace the whole compressor and all the shrade valves, the evaporator, ect. the whole nine yards. Also purchasing a set of gauges to refill after I replace everything.

Or a hybrid meathod. Replace the clutch, see what I have and proceed with replacing parts if that reveals the compressor is toast. Or do they even sell the compresssor and clutch seperatly? I don't know.

So there it is. Any advice is very welcomed and if I have missed anything obvious that is a possibility as well.
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no expert here just relaying some info. Sounds like you have the same symptoms I had. The squeal, cold air sometimes, some not. Also could move the pully on the front of the compressor by hand but it would get hung up and stop. I took it to a good shop in town, they do allot of work for me and are always honest and reliable. I asked them to check out the clutch and then the compressor. For me the compressor was shot unfortunately. So $700 bucks later, cold as Ice. Painful on the wallet but it gets hot in Arkansas too.
Here's my read on what's happening. I think the shaft in the compressor is shifting and causing the pulley to wobble. If that's the case, it's time for a new compressor. If it were the clutch bearing, they usually make noise all the time, even with the compressor turned off. If the belts start squealing (and they're in good shape and adjusted), that tells me the compressor is locking up. I'd replace the compressor, drier, expansion block and all the o-rings and schraders and flush the condenser and you should be good to go. If you click here, you'll go to our website, then click on "Landcruiser parts" and you'll see the special pricing we have for MUD.

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