a bit confused: crankshaft position sensor

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Jun 19, 2018
Seattle, Wa USA
Hey all, While working on various things on my 94, I had been wondering about a connector that is essentially straight down from the oil filter.
It's the one that lives
crankshaft ps(clean) 002 (Small).jpg
under this nice little yellow zinc cover under the oil pan which I guess is the CPS.?
The confusion is that mine isn't connected, and I cannot find a "loose" end hanging around anywhere with the appropriate mate. WTF?
The only code mine has thrown since I've owned it and been messing with things is one of the rich environment ones p 026 I think it was.
Should I be concerned?
P.S. thank you to whomever I "borrowed" the image from.
That is the CPS which is found only on 95 and up ODB2 motors. Looks like your 94 model has had an engine replaced at some point.
ok. thanks. I've been wondering about that. I did arrive at the swap conclusion due to the different vin on the engine plate. why the hell would someone re-install the Pair system though? (vaf-maf probably?). oh, that also explains why my egr "key chain" from Wit's End was not right.
What you have is a combination of parts from multiple years but it works so I would not be concerned just aware.

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