97 T100 Help Needed for a buddy: Stalls and Shutters while driving

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Jan 22, 2007
I am a FZJ80 owner and recruited a buddy to buy a T100...well he has had non stop problems. Any help would be greatly accepted.

Car: 1997 T100 3L Lifted-33' tires, Factory Supercharger, 4wd, 150,000

Problem: Shutter and stall while driving. See lenghty desc.

"intermittent service engine light that seems to fluctuate between on and off with the heat vent, haven't pinned it down yet. Auto zone report indicates running lean in bank 1. On acceleration it feels like the engine is cutting out on me at a specific rpm, between 2nd and 3rd while maintaining a constant speed, and also when I am cruising down the interstate at a constant 60mph, cuts out very sporadically in both instances. It feel like the key is being turned off and on while driving, but I haven't noticed any decline or flux in the tach when the cut outs occur. They are also sporadic, and have started just recently. Currently, I am showing no service engine light, usually if it is off it pops back soon after I start driving, which it didn't today with a trip distance that would have thrown it in the past?? "

I am thinking at first engine stalling....however with no codes and decrease in RPM, could this be drivetrain?

Is it auto or manual?

This sounds a lot like a fuel delivery issue. I know that the T100 is notorious for not supplying enough fuel when using the blower. What fuel mods have been done to the truck? Have you guys checked the fuel filter? Running lean is not good for things and further points toward a fuel delivery issue.

Also check the wiring looms for shorts by wiggling them and watching for the CEL.
The truck is a 5-speed manaul

The mods done to the truck would be a factory installed SuperCharger

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