'96 LX450

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Jan 4, 2011
Pittsboro, NC
New to us LX450!

219K Miles currently.
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Current Pics.

20190109_095425 (1).jpg

20190109_095246 (1).jpg
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Done List as of 1/29/19:
  • New 305/70R16 BFG AT KO2 Tires - Installed
  • OME 861/862 Stock Height Suspension - Installed
  • WeatherTech floor mats
  • Updated seats - Installed - Thanks @NC LX
  • Window Runs, Door Lock Cleaning, Etc. - Done
  • Full PM and baseline - Lots of new hoses, valve cover/disti gasket/rings
Maintenance Schedule:
  • 211K Miles or 12/25/17: Rotella T6 5W40; Toyota Filter; Transfer Case Mobil 75W90; Differentials: Generic Synthetic 75W-90; Replaced hoses to include Air Intake; New PCV bypass filter install
  • 12/28/17 - New Rear Hatch Struts
  • May 2018: New Radiator by Mt Airy Toyota, pro install. New front brakes/rotors. Oil Change.
  • 1/29/19 - AC Delco Charcoal Canister
  • 2/1 - 218K miles: New Rotella T6 5W40
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Picked up some new-to-LX seats from @NC LX and fully installed last week. They are really great for our Son/Daughter - manual bases with Kia uppers. Son did a lot of clean up at that time, too, to the interior.

Does that have the cooler in the console?
Does that have the cooler in the console?

I am pretty sure no - unless you add ice :)

I saw some pics of the JDM cooler and it has controls etc.
You’re going to need a new panty drawer...
Looks like you have a bit of a leak.

Yea I had hit some surface rust with Fluid Film, drove it around a bit, forgot about it, and then like a dumb dumb let it sit on the concrete.
Tried to swap in a head unit from my new Taco and need the connector harness pieces.

Picked this up for that purpose.

Son has trade it back to use for our Prius V, so we will be working on it going forward! :)
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Have had a TON of help from @NC LX prepping the truck for sale, or future driving by my Daughter.

HUGE list of stuff he has done to it for a reasonable sum :)

  • Repair Console Lid - New Leather
  • Sandblast/ Paint Valve Cover
  • Rear Brakes Pads 04466-60020
  • Heater valve 87240-60170
  • Valve Cover gasket
  • Distributor O ring 90099-14118
  • 1/2 moons 11183-50010
  • spark plug gaskets 11193-15010
  • new spark plugs 90919-01176
  • Inspect plug wires. Resistance test ok on all 6 wires.
  • check disti for oil and clean
  • Check Tie Rod Ends or other steering issues. Tie rods test OK.
  • Repack bearing, tighten wheel bearing nut.
  • Window Runs 68141-60010. 68151-60010 68142-60011. 68152-60011
  • Door Locks clean
  • Repair Mirror wobbling (Driver side, Passenger is ok)
  • Clean Throttle body, vacuum ports
  • Clean Carbon from EGR intake runners
  • Check All Vacuum lines/Replace as needed
  • Replace charcoal canister rubber hose 77754-60180
  • Replace EGR hose 26595-66010
  • Replace water bypass hose 16264-66021
  • Fix D Light
  • Replace power Antenna w/manual 86300-60030
  • Discharge AC to remove AC core for access to install antenna. Replace exposed o rings.
  • Vacuum the AC system and recharge.
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Lots of work there. GLWS. I passed the info along on the rig.

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