'95 headlight lense

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Jun 15, 2006
Ipswich, MA, North Dakota, Phoenix
Both of my headlight lensess have sizeable pin-holes in them from driving on gravel roads in South and North Dakota. Now, there's mositure inside, which, eventually I'm sure, will ruin the reflectors. Any ideas for a cure, other than new, or am I stuck? The holes are around 1/16th to 1/8 wide. pretty good sized for "pin holes", but being a cheap SOB, I hate to buy the pri$cey new ones. :cheers:Thanks, Ned
My USDS headlight lens has a small hole, like from a BB shot. Had that hole since I got the truck a few years ago, no problems yet...

I'm sure you would be fine for a little while, but I would just start looking for a pair of used ones to become available (cheap) and snatch them up, or just replace them with aftermarket units eventually.

I'm surprised that the vehicle would pass the inspection like that.
I had to replace mine even for a small chip on one of mine.

Good luck!
Find someone locally who installs 3M headlight film and this will seal off those holes while protecting against more. The day before you have them installed, remove the bulbs and put a blow drier blowing into the openings for as long as it takes to dry them. Unless there's standing water in there, it should take less than 30 minutes per light to dry thoroughly. I also sell these covers for self install though I have no idea where the thread is or what it was called. Maybe search for 3M.


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