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Land Rover 94 RRC Tick?

Discussion in 'Land Rover' started by rroverbkk, May 5, 2018.

  1. rroverbkk


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    Mar 23, 2012
    Last month or so I decided to pick up a 94 RRC County LWB. I’ve always wanted one and I basically just bought without much thought.

    So there is a tick. I’m not very mechanically inclined so forgive my words if they lack sense....

    First thought was because it threw a lambda sensor code when idling in cold weather (it was cold as in snowing when I bought it), ok fine exhaust manifold tick. That was based on nothing but me having an 01 LX with a cracked manifold and similar tick.

    Then I get to talking to a Land Rover guy and he says maybe headgasket . Or lifters, or this or that. He hasn’t seen the truck, i guess just basing on the various things happen to these things.

    My question: to the layman, how to distinguish between say exhaust tick and headgasket sound? Does one occur under load only? Mine increases with revs and decreases when I let off the gas. Does that narrow anything one way or another?

    It’s a nice looking truck but I’m not even sure I want to keep it as i would rather just spend the money on upgrades to my 99LC. Though it is growing on me. The styling is just something I always liked. I just have no business owning 2 100 series and a RRC.

    Any ideas on how I narrow what the tick is?