92 fj80

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Apr 6, 2008
I am looking to buy a 92 fj80 with 214456 miles. It has been well keep. Everything but the motor, tranny, and transfer case have been rebuilt or replaced with all toyota parts. The guy is asking $5000.00. Do you guys think this is a fair price?

Thanks Rick
Fair price is what someone is willing to pay. You say everything but drivetrain has been replaced, but what does that include? Alternator, power steering pump/box and related arms, tie rod ends, radiator, water pump, birfields, etc.? Any modifcations to speak of (suspension, bumpers, stereo, wheels/tires, racks, etc.)? Does the owner have receipts and/or service records (depending on whether or not he maintained the rig himself/herself? I personally would be hard pressed to pay that for an unlocked, stock, 92 in fair condition, but then I haven't seen the vehicle and you don't mention where you are so the local market is hard to determine from your post. I probably over paid about 1K for my 95 though,and would do it again tomorrow if given the chance...I love it.
Everthing you mentioned has been changed and it has been lifted. New 33 inch BFG and the axels have been reworked with 4.88 gears. I live in east TN Blue book says 5200.
Rick, i paid $3k for my 91 a year and a half ago in Knoxville, i wouldnt pay much more than that in your area. I have seen quite a few come up in that area in the last 2 years. Of course it is always a personal decision. Make sure you have been through the FAQ's so you know what you are looking for, and good luck

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