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Sep 9, 2020
Hey guys,

My mum has an Turbo Diesel 80 series that she is going to sell in the next year or so and i'm thinking of buying it for camping/touring purposes.

The motor is in really good condition, it's done just over 670,000kms and spent 5k on a rebuild automatic gearbox.

My dilemma is the floor has surface rust from her having dogs going to the beach for 30 years and could do with a repaint.
The fuel gauges have stopped working but thats no big deal.

Does the speedo roll back to zero after 999,999kms?

If I was to buy it, I'd put 33s on it, 2inch Fulcrum suspension lift kit, Red arc solar power, uhf, rooftop tent, winch.

What do you guys think?
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