81fj40 alternator

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Jan 14, 2022
North Carolina
Replaced alternator in my fj40 and wiring was rigged up weird to the old one so now I’m trying to figure out what goes where

Black w/ yellow tracer stripe is your IG wire or leed

The solid yellow is your N or L terminal

White w / blue tracer large guage wire is your B+ ring terminal

There are 2 B+

Thai will be the larger 6mm x 1.0 one

Hope this helps ?
How is it compromised? And I’m sure I can figure it out with your info thank you

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fatigued ring termial at the bend


broke insulation will snap these fragile corroded copper lead

this is FULL battery voltage remember

were u get the blue repair connector ?


Just did a full knuckle rebuild Not good with electrical though so thank you

your fine

im here to assist you in any way i can :)

did you Rauchphase the 2 weather boots also by chance ?

i have a better idea here

Please watch in detail my ALTERNATORs Repair kits technical TECH video below

it ill help you in a major way do this correctly the first time and walk away confident too .//


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