80 series springs

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You should try www.yotatech.com there are lot's of 4runner guys who want them for custom lifts...I sold my rears for $50 and fronts for $40.

My 4bt 80 should be done any day now and I hear that your's is next in line for a cummins! Congrats!!

Do you plan on running SVO?
Sounds good. Ya Im pretty stoked about it. I will eventually be running biofuels of some sort havent figured out what yet. How is yours set up?
The wvo system is not set up yet.....The 4bt engine conversion is still not quite finished. We will hopefully be starting her up by the end of the week...

I have a MB 190d that's converted by Matt to run on WVO and it has been my DD for the last year without a single problem..It seems to like running on wvo better than biodiesel or petro..My goal is to have all of my vehicles running on wvo and have no need for gas stations.

For the fj80 I'm thinking about getting the 44 gallon Long Ranger tank that sits where the spare goes and put the spare on a rear tire carrier bumper.


There are a few of us interested in a group buy from OZ.... PVCruiser said we need at least 4 people and would cost about $850+ shipping and that does come with dual filler neck..... It really sucks that nobody stocks these tanks in the U.S. and the reason to do the group buy is because it costs the same to ship 1 from OZ as it does to ship 4.

That would be awesome to have almost 70 gallons of fuel getting close to 30mpg with a 4bt.... that's 2100 miles between fillups..

If your gonna go big and have the 4bt put in you might as well go all the way and convert it to run it on veggie. It's the only way you can run a bio fuel all winter long in Colorado. Did I mention it's free fuel!
Ya I was interested in that tank anyhow but this conversion is bleeding me dry anyhow so it will probably have to wait though it would be awesome.

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