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Sep 5, 2019
Wallan vic
Hi everyone how are we.
80 series cruiser 4” lift running 37s

Having troubles with it from
Day dot before the lift went in harsh ride.
U can feel every single bump on the steering wheel and feels harsh every bump I hit shakes the wheel and off road and on road is felt threw the wheel like something is loose or the front ends gonna fall off.
Not death wobble.
Iv had wheels balanced then powder balanced
Changed to rod ends and upgraded drag link bar behind diff but haven’t upgraded front one.
mic don’t swivel hub rebuild but haven’t set preload just put it togetherhow I pulled it apart and tightened it up. Re used the old shims at the top of hub. Please not it was exact same before before swivel hub rebuild.
have done new bearings
New panhard Northlake rubbers.
don’t seem to be any play in them.
iv checked everything
Even put a second hand steering box on also.
I have a s*** steering dampener rtc coil that I paid 75 for from a 4x4 place. Spring is not real thick.
Every bump I hit it feels real harsh. Like u can feel the whole car over the bump like I’m riding on bricks.
My question is where or what would I do to fix it.
Shall I upgrade shocks so there longer.
shall I get new suspension as I brought it all second hand and I’m pretty sure there Flexi coils.
Should I upgrade steering damper.
What do I do. Iv done pretty much everything.

it’s hard to explain but when I hit bumps u feel it threw the car and the wheel.
Iv driven other cars like a Hilux and a patrol and nothing like this.

could someone please shed some light on what to check what to do.
I’m on the edge of selling it

thanks guys
Nov 9, 2012
Olathe, KS, USA
You already started another thread asking the exact same questions.

Many here have replied and asked more questions to gather better information. Please focus on one thread only so we can help you. Otherwise, you lose continuity on your answers and anyone new doesn't see what's already been answered.

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