For Sale 80 series Door Panels and trim SoCal (1 Viewer)

Feb 8, 2014
I have a set of four door panels in grey leather for the 80 series. These came off my 3fe, and do NOT have the lights. All but the driver's door are in AMAZING condition. The Driver's door is damaged at the front due to a door limiter breakage. My local upholstery shop said they could glass the panel and repair the vinyl for under $100, but i ended up buying cloth panels to replace all of them. You can have all the door trim pieces I have (should all be there, save for maybe a few of the latch surrounds). I am looking for $350 obo for the whole set. that is like 1/10th the price of SOR. I REALLY do not want to ship. I lack the thing common people call "free time." I am located in Ontario, CA, but i can help deliver them locally.

I aso have a pair of really nice 3rd row seats that will go up as soon as I snap pictures of them, unless you want to buy them now!



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