80 Series ARB Commercial Bar

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Jan 12, 2005
United States
I have a 1.5 year old ARB Commercial Syle(looks best with flareless trucks) Winch bumper available. It is currently on my truck which I have for sale locally but if someone is interested I'll pull it off if we make a deal before the truck sells. It has a couple of scratches but is in the condition you'd expect for being so new.

$650 obo + shipping (but for a tank of gas I'll deliver it to Moab for you)

I'm located in Durango CO

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yes, pics please
pics....just curious what it looks like :)
guys...it looks just like any other ARB winch bull bar


the fact that the "wings" are a bit narrower will not likely be noticeable in pics.

the winch mount is slightly different, but again, not something one would notice in pics.

just FYI.
btt, pictures added to first post
Still available. I want avoid shipping as much as possible so if your headed to Moab and need an ARB please drop me a line and we'll make it happen.
How much for the bumper with the truck attached?
How much for the bumper with the truck attached?


The truck has a TRD Supercharger, is NOT locked, has a J Spring/864 Lift, Nitto 295/75 Terra Grapplers, and 215000 miles. It is in really nice shape and has no mechanical problems that I'm aware of, and I'd say I'm pretty aware of my vehicles condition. Let me know if your interested.
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