79+ Passenger Floor Pan Differences

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Aug 18, 2015
Austin, TX
Just at a point now where I am going to patch the passengers side floor pan on my 11/1979 truck. 99% of the steel on this vehicle is perfect, except right at the edges of the asphalt sticky crap / insulation that was on the floor from factory. It created a place for moisture to accumulate and then the rust deepened with sand blasting.

So back to the question: I have seen two different types of passenger floor pans. One has a trapezoidal dome next to the transmission hump and one does not. My 4 speed NA spec truck has no such bump out. That said, I have an h55 and a 40-series euro split case for my build. Wondering if it is for some difference in the transfer case linkage or something to do with the 5 speed.

Land Cruiser Heaven (passenger side on left - note the trapezoidal bump out):

CCOT (passenger on right - no trapezoid):

And Real Steel Cruiser Parts:

Anyone know what this is for?
I think that extra hump is there on all 3, it just runs the full length on the bottom 2 versions. I know for sure the CCOT floor pans fit, as that is what I used. Body shop guy complemented on the fit. The length of the part that extends along the rocker panel toward the rear is the only problem we had. The CCOT parts don't extend the full length like the Land Cruiser Heaven pieces appear to do. We had to fab those parts.
Thanks @gcrump01 - the rounded hump definitely extends along the transmission side of the pan in all 3, but on the Land Cruiser Heaven one shows there is an additional trapezoidal hump up near the front. Not sure what its for, but the t-case linkage should be in that vicinity. Just never seen it as an issue on the 40 series H55 threads.

And one further note - the CCOT die for the passenger side 79+ floor pan broke and they don't plan on fixing it - that supplier is now out for that particular piece.
Hi, I just looked at two of our fj40s . Both have an expanded upward section on the passengers side. This area seems to give the transfer case a little extra room. It also seems to add support for the rear heater hoses. I too will be replaceing both pans. Mike

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