77 40 needs odometer fix

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Sep 28, 2004
San Clemente, CA
Our 77 Fj40 is having issues with recording miles driven.
Where can I get a new or used odometer cable/cable gearing?

Our Mech couldn't find the parts so I thought I'd ask the Mudsters.

I'll be home from Afghanistan for a month in April before havng to return, so I thought I could do this job when I get home.

Hit the wanted section in the Classifieds and post up what you need, somebody might have sumpthin' for ya.

If I still have my OEM stock cluster from my '76 and can actually find it in my bin -o- parts, I'll drop you a PM.


Edit: Is your speedometer dorked up too, or is it just your odometer?
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If you need a new cable just buy one from Dan or any vendor here. They arent very expensive and easy to replace.
Is your speedometer working properly? If so, then the problem is not with the cable but, more likely, with the odometer itself. Here are a few tips for both scenarios.

Replacing the cable - pretty straightforward, but don't forget to lubricate the replacement cable before running it through the cable sheath.

Cleaning the odometer cluster - the hardest part is removing the brass ferrule/spacer. I have photos of an odometer teardown and cleaning if you need them. Let me know.

Good Luck!
Great info guys... I'll be home in the middle of April-May so I'll jump on it. I need to clean out my PM folder, but please send your PM's to boerboel313@hotmail.com.
I'd love to see the tear down pics you have.

Yes, the speedo works, just not the mileage.
MTPCRUISER... PM sent. Could have those instructions as well

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