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Oct 10, 2020
Near Omaha Ne
There are some things I knew I needed to get fixed and a few that I didn't. The following is my tentative list and the order I intend to work on it. Note that some of the things higher on the list may not be as important but are things I can get done by myself in a weekend and cold weather won't affect me that much when working on the vehicle.

1) Replace laptop seatbelts with 3 point seat belts.
2) Replace the rubber on the pedal pads (brake and clutch).
3) When consistently cold try to fix carb caused (I assume) hesitation problem. Problem is worse when the engine is cold. Carb is a replacement Weber carburetor and is new this year, installed by previous owner.
4) Front Driver and Passenger mirror. They don't get out of adjustment any more but they are very small and bounce on the arm a lot while driving. They appear to be factory stock style, but they look new.
5) Wait for warm weather.
6) Remove front heater box and rehab. Right now I don't get defroster airflow.
7) Retouch paint where shipping to me originally caused paint damage.- The front hood latches were very old and brittle and 1 broke off, and there was metal to metal contact during shipping the cruiser to me.
8) Fix Warn Winch. Electrically it seems to work fine, but you can't manually pull the cable out, the manual disengage knob doesn't move. Not sure hitting the knob with a dead blow hammer is a good idea to try and free it up.

This is not a primary or secondary vehicle so I can afford to wait on items until the weather improves locally. I make sure to start and drive it 2 or 3 times a month around the neighborhood to keep everything lubed up.

The seat belts are a bit more important because the passenger one stick frequently, and won't retract. I would prefer going from lap belts only to a 3 point. Right now what is the best set to buy, if you are putting safety first? Cost can be a factor but if the difference is 20 to 50 dollars to get a better set then that isn't too much of an increase. Ive looked at several vendors, but I'm hoping people here who have replaced theirs can give me their experiences with either dealers or brands.

This forum has been very helpful so far for me, and I do appreciate it.


Aug 26, 2017
Wamego, KS
I've been very satisfied with the seat belt conversion CCOT offers. I run mine off a MetalTech family cage but they're also bracketed to fit stock.


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