75 heater help

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Feb 27, 2007
Lakewood, CO
I need some help. I purchased a '75 40 knowing the heater (front) didn't work. The rear heats fine, and reach in around the front heater I can feel one of the hoses is hot, but the core is ice cold. I assume this is indicitive of a clogged front core. The PO gave me a spare heater, which I had cleaned up, powder coated, and then given the restoration treatment from Aatlas. I started removing the old heater, and when I pulled off the main duct I noticed it was a cobbled together piece. So, I ordered a 73-84 used duct, and what I got is in this photo (behind the cobbled together, electrical taped one):


This isn't for the 73 and later series, is it? It looks like the pre-73 duct according to SOR, minus the connector to the box. I'm a little pissed as I paid to have this overnighted so I could put it in prior to the expected snow tomorrow. I thought I was getting this one: http://coolfj40.stores.yahoo.net/hedufjfj.html

For those curious, here's the finished heater box, just awaiting the ducts to go in (and a cleaning of the inlets):


Thanks all!!

I've just looked at my '75, the duck looks like the long one. There's a swapmeet in Fresno and the PMC swapmeet both in nothern california, post a wanted, you may find something...I swear to God, I have seen these ducts before at the swap.

the 1 in the back is missing the boot that goes with it the one you need is the same length as the front 1 but 1 piece. if you need the heater throw that in till you get a good 1 maybey the wanted section on here will help good luck
Thanks guys! I'm calling them this morning to see what they're going to do for me in getting me the right part. Fortunately, weatherpersons cannot accurately predict the weather and we got none of the 8-12" of snow we were expecting.

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