73, 74 Cases, SM465+adapter, H42, holley

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Dec 7, 2004
Wyoming or Antarctica or....
United States
1973 transfer case, maybe 25K on rebuild. No input gear (might be able to find a 10 spline). $150

sold1974 Transfer case, the transitional 1.99 gearing. Scavenged to throw J30 case onto the back of a H42 so no input gear, front cone or rear outputs. Good gears, good housing. $100

EDIT:SM465, SOLD!. 30k? on rebuild with 3rd syncro fix. $150 Cut and tapped for plate style adapter.

sold1974 H42. Slips out of first gear. Free.

Holley 600 + rebuild kit. Worked fine in 2002 when I pulled it off my 350. Missing linkages. $20.

All in Cheyenne, WY. Prefer not to ship transmissions, can deliver 100 in any direction for price of fuel.

PM me. :D
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