60 rear end for sale!

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If it's the whole axle I'll take it.
Where are you?
I'll be in Victoria tomorrow afternoon.

Pm me.

Yes its the full axle complete. What time you on town at?

I am not home from work till 430-5. I am located near down town in Vic-west on skinner street.
250-516-8705 Give me a shoot.

I had'nt viewed the "usedvictoria" ad.... I didn't realize there was a price. I thought it was a "get it off my lawn" kinda deal.

In the future, IH*MUD adds must have a price (as far as I know(.

Sorry for the mis-understanding.

Okay,okay I get it you are all cheap.
Anyway leaving for a month on holidays need it out of the front yard or the wife will kill me.

First one with a 12 pack of beer can have it.


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