4wd ecu question

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Mar 8, 2012
1993 fzj80 175xxx miles

My 4wd ecu (passenger side kick-panel) use to make a clicking noise while engaging the front and or rear lockers and now it doesn't? Front locker engaged and heard a normal click from the ecu and then while turning the locking knob to unlock nothing happened. Long story short i eventually had to use a 9volt battery to disengaged the front locker. The cdl engages as normal , the light comes on the dash and you can hear it engage from underneath, but no more clicking from the ecu. I cycled the front several times with the battery so it does work. The rear locker is trying to engage with battery as you can hear the motor working but the rod that slides the fork in the housing doesn't move so im assuming something is wrong with the mechanics of the actuator but that's a different problem I'll address later. I have checked fuses, inspected wires and plugs to the actuators and ecu and all is normal looking. I haven't used any meters yet because i don't have one. So i guess my question is, are the 4wd ecu's prone to just go out or am I missing something? No 7pinmod has been performed and the cdl button on the dash is factory. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated as i have searched mud for 2 days for topics on this and couldn't find anything that has helped.

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