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Aug 11, 2007
1992 fj80, 175,000 miles. My oil pressure above about 1000rpm is excellent, 60psi+, my problem is at idle. When the engine is completely warmed up, my oil pressure at idle (650-700 rpms) is about 3psi. FSM specs 4.2 I think above idle. The engine seems to get a little noisy if you let it sit and idle for long periods of time. Among the lists of causes in the FSM is a faulty relief valve. I have searched the forums and can't really find the answer I am looking for. First, past post talk of A relief valve. My FSM shows two, one under the oil pan on the side of the pump and another on the filter mount. Is it very common for one or both of the relief valves to fail, maybe spring wears out and it opens to easily, maybe junk in one or both causing them not to close completly? I am hoping it is not one of the other problems (main or rod bearings). I have to drop the pan to fix a leaking pan gasket, should I just go ahead and order new springs and valves and replace when I do the pan gasket. I have tried different oils and weights, but I think that just masks the real problem....Any help would be appreciated....Thanks

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