3FE Intake Tube Sources

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Sep 26, 2014
Athens GA
Alright Muds. Someone help me with the intake tube between the air flow meter and the intake please. I need options and sources! Mine is torn and repaired with electrical tape. Working surprisingly well. Thanks!
You will need 17881-61110 & 17882-61080 together new should be around $130.00 + shipping
I have an old set in good shape I can sell if you want them.
Go to a plumbing supply place, and get a neoprene coupler and clamps. I think 3 inch size - I don't remember exactly. Slide it over the cracks and clamp it down. I've been running that for several years with no problems. Someday I will replace mine but there are other things on the list. Mine is on a 97 so maybe your intake is different.

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