3B years in BJ40

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I think after the changeover year in August 1980, but there'll be those who know more than I.
Wasn't the BJ40 the B engine and the BJ42 the 3B? I am open to correction but I think the Bj42 with the 3B, started production in 1980 and stoped production in 1984, but I think that the 3B may have carried over into the next models till 1990???
but there'll be those who know more than I.
The 3B was definitely used up until the changeover year in 1990 (?). At that time Australia and other foreign markets (except Asia?) lost SWB and MWB trucks (and their engines) in favour of LWB trucks and sixes. But Asia seemed to retain the shorties and their fours, but moving onto the 14B and variants?
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Mark2002 you would probably get better/more responses in the 24 Volt & Diesel Section, but here goes! ;)

For the North America market (in reality, Canada) the BJ40, using the 3.0L "B" I-4 diesel was sold in 1978, 79, & 80.

The BJ42, using the 3.4L 3B I-4 diesel was sold in 1981 & 82 fitted with the H42 four speed transmission (like in the BJ40) while the 1983 & 84 models came with the H55F five speed transmission.



What years was the 3B engine used in BJ?

Sorry. I am new.
Does anyone know when the 3B-11 was used and in what vehicles?
The 3B II was used in Europe in the 70 series from 1990 to 91 when the PZ and the 1HZ replaced the 3B not sure what or when it came in other markets I believe Latin America had the 3BII from the late 90's available in some small trucks and busses.
Thanks Joekatana, I bought a couple of 3B-11's from Canada several years ago and was told they may have been used in mining trucks, probably then a 70 series! I appreciate your response, there's not very much info on them.
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The 3B II was just an updated version of the engine, not unlike the early (1970s) and later (1980s) 2F engines.

No, the 3B II does not have a turbo from the factory; that engine is called the 13B-T.



Do these 3b -11 come with turbos? What horse power does it produce?

Note the "black figure eights".


The above is from an official Toyota publication.

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