33x9.50 LTB's

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Feb 4, 2006
Does anybody runs any 33x9.50 LTB Super Swampers on their 40? If so, how much lift? Do you like them ect? There are some good deals on these but I'd like some feedback.
do a search, theres a ton of threads a week about who wants what tires and what lift is needed....

super swampers wear quick on the street but if your mostly a trail rig there good to go.somewhat of lift might be needed.
I've got these tires, I love them off road. They hook up great on rocks and do good in snow. They're mounted on a 15x7 rim and I blew a bead today out in the snow at about 7 psi. I had never had a problem with them on rocks at that pressure. I drive my cruiser on the street quite a bit and these are noisy and bouncy but I'm okay with that because I knew I was buying swampers.

On the rubicon

In the snow
Looks pretty cool! 2 questions - #1 How much lift do you have? and #2 Can you give me a measurement of these mounted up on your cruiser?


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