2nd row seat bracket removal..

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Mar 21, 2004
Bellaire, Michigan
I'm considering removing the 2nd row seat brackets...the part the attaches to the floor of the vehicle (after the seats have been removed).

Question: Is it just the one bolt holding that part to the floor of the vehicle? Before I start cutting the carpet unnecessarily, I wanted to make sure.

Anyone have an idea? Plus I think I remember reading on here somewhere where the bracket bolts can be pain to remove...especially if there any rust underneath.
There are 2 bolts, one is visible at the rear of the rectangular cutout, and another on the forward
slope of the floor. You will have to cut about 2 inches forward in the middle of the opening to be
able to get a wrench on the bolt. You can see in the photo that once you have removed the bracket
there is a barely noticeable cut line left. I plugged the holes with nylon plugs and silicone seal.
You can see the plug at the rear of the cutout. Once you have the 3 brackets out you will find
you have a large useable space.

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