Wanted 2f cylinder head

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for domed or flat-top pistons???
I have a 78 head that has been bead blasted and magnafluxed at a machine shop if interested. it is ready to go.

Let us know the year of your rig or better yet the serial number on your existing head so we can better match you up.
this is where my engine set up gets a little complicated. when i bought the cruiser it had a 2f block and an f head on it with flat-top pistons, we rebuilt the block and decided to switch to domed pistons at the advice of the machine shop. who forgot to magnaflux the head untill they had finished all the work on it. so now i've got a '78 2f block with domed pistons and need to find a new head soon. i'm under the impression that an F head will work, but will a 2F head be the way to go?
Hey Me too I got one from a '77 2f recently rebuilt...great condition..... pm me if you are intrested

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