2f Block And Rotating Assembly - Tx

Sep 11, 2002
Fort Worth, TX
Good running engine before tear down. I bought the whole engine just for the head and I still have the bottom end. Came from an 84 FJ60, 262K on the ODO. Looks like the rings need replaced and the cyls. honed. The oil pan is in good shape. It is located in Longview, TX but I will deliver it within a 150ish mile radius for gas money on your dime. I will also use MUDship. I guess its worth about $200-300, but as always, I'll entertain whatever trade you have in mind or other offers. I can always use other cruiser parts, beer, guns. I'm not gana give it away, but I would rather get it to someone who could use it rather than go to the scrap yard and get $40 for it.

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