2020 Lone Star Cruiser Round Up. Rescheduled!


Mar 26, 2006
Houston, TX
Pre-Registration is closed.

On another note...

In light of the declaration by the World Health Organization that the COVID-19 is now a pandemic, we thought we should address it before the event.

We would hope that y’all have enough brains in your head not to show up if you are sick or exhibiting symptoms, or God forbid, have been exposed to COVID-19. However, if you do show up sick, we are gonna ask you to go home. No hard feelings, but none of us want that crap.

We know the dust out there can get all up your nose and make you sneeze. We hope you know your body well enough to know the difference between “snotty, dusty nose” and “holy crap! I’m getting sick.” When you snort out all that dust, please go back to what your learned in Kindergarten and cover when you cough or sneeze. Then wash your hands. Again.

We will have hand washing stations at the pavilion. We also bought a crap ton of hand sanitizer. Please use both liberally.

Yes, the passing of moonshine is a time-honored tradition, and this whole COVID-19 thing is putting a wrench in our drinkin’. Not to fear, we have purchased some teeny tiny solo cups that will be at the pavilion. BUT, you can certainly bring your own as well (supply is limited). We like sharing the shine, not sharing the virus. So please keep your lips off the mason jars. Actually, just keep your lips off of everything. Well, unless you are invited. 😊

Finally, while trying to do this with humor, we are serious. Be smart out there folks, for yourself, your family, your friends and you fellow Land Cruiser enthusiasts.


2020 Round Up Committee
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