2011 OEM Bumper availability


Jul 15, 2020
Hi! First post...

I've been looking at various LX and GX models for camping and dirt road travel, though nothing too extreme. Would not be using as a DD..

Anyway, I found what seems to be a nice deal on a '11 LX 570 with 137k miles for $22k. Please don't buy it out from under me :)

But... the front bumper has clearly been crunched. Is this an easy part to find and replace? I presume it's just a bumper cover so a used one should be available from a dismantler.

Otherwise it seems to be in decent shape.

Sorry for the low-res image, but the vehicle is not local to me. I've requested better images. Thanks for any input!

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 3.56.23 PM.png

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