2008-2016 Aftermarket Key responders - issues

Mar 27, 2013
Sedro Woolley, WA
I recently purchased a 2011 that only has 1 key. Everything on it works.

I ordered a key from Amazon that claims to fit this - which it did not.

My key is a HYQ14AEM and the replacement sent was a HYQ14AAB.

Ok, the seller didn't have a listing forthe correct key so I sent it on it's way.

I contacted UHS Hardware as they advertised the correct key in a less expensive aftermarket version.

I called, verified the FCC ID and even the 4 digit 6601 code inside.

Got them (2) today - Techstream had no problems registering them.

Except the rear hatch doesn't work. Does on the original key, not on either of the new.

I can lock, unlock, roll windows down, remote start, and proximity picks up on it with the new keys. I even tried changing the pattern from long pause to double click and, again, original key works - new do not.

Has anyone purchased any aftermarket keys that work? Anyone else seen this? If so, where?

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