2000 4runner rear diff replacement

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Sep 18, 2008
My housing rusted through around the bracket for the brake flex line.
I am about to replace my 2000 4runner rear differential with a complete assembley (housing,defferential,axels,backing plates springs, sway bar, brake drums,etc.) from a 2002 4runner only 20k miles.

The 02 assembley came with no oil for shipping purposes. What I would like to know is the weight and grade of oil for this project?

V6 5spd
FGR 4.10
no locker
16 ich wheels
abs brakes

Thanks for any help.
The 2001 owner's manual says this:

Rear differential
Above –18 deg C (0 deg F)
SAE 90

Below –18 deg C (0 deg F)
SAE 80W or 80W–90

Personally, I use Amsoil Severe Gear 75W-90 in both diffs.

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