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I do mine every 2nd oil change, or 10,000km. Works out at 1 once a year. We have ok Diesel here in NZ. I have a spare in the truck just in case.
Change out the drain plug o-ring while you are at it:
(1) 23344-54010 drain plug o-ring

The last three diesels in here had compromised o-rings.
The filter comes with the filter o-ring already from Toyota. I’m speaking of the WIF o-ring.

It's been a bit since I did the filter. Maybe my old brain just thinks it replaced both.

I'm putting a new hand primer on this weekend. Guess I'll swap oring just because.
OEM or aftermarket? Just replaced one on an HJ61 and it’s all metal made in Taiwan. It was actually pretty nicely made.

OEM. I got one from partsouq. Mine is a cold weather and the fuel pre-heater was leaking causing issues. So I bought on without the heater. It's not cold where I live.

I stock the OEM Toyota filter, just the big o-ring.
That's interesting. I double checked and when I ordered 2330364010 it came with the upper and lower o-ring.

Fuel Filter.JPG

Unless you're referring to the small o-ring on the petcock itself? I ended up replacing that whole assembly a couple years ago. Getting drenched in diesel with every filter change does a number on the wiring over time, but it's an uncommon o-ring to leak as the petcock is rarely used in my experience.
Well shucks!


Mine came with the two larger o-rings.

I’ll make sure I grab one by P/N before I do this job.

Again, thanks for the education.


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