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Apr 24, 2013
BC, Canada
Does anybody have experience with the ARP head stud kit for 1HDT? I have been searching everywhere but I couldn't find any info on this.

Little bit of background info..

I’m looking to do the head gasket on my 1HDT as a preventive maintenance. The cruiser has 320K KM on it and recently I started to see oil on the block, seeping through the gasket around piston 1 and 5-6. Coolant and oil are still clean..

Normally when cruising I’m between 10-14 PSI boost, occasionally (heavy acceleration) I push it up to 18-19PSI. In the future (with new turbo) I plan to have the top at around 22-24 PSI.

Do you think my use case warrants the better clamping force of the ARP studs or a new set of OEM head bolts is sufficient?
Also I have read that with ARP studs MLS gasket is recommended and with the OEM torque-to-yield head bolts the OEM gasket. Any thoughts on this?

Much appreciated!

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