1FZFE swap ?s

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Jul 30, 2005
I have a 1FZFE that I want to put into my 40. I spent a while serching, but I do recall seeing somthing a while back that wasnt very complete on the tech links. Any info is apreciated
Well, this will be no help at all; however, there was a chap (in Calif) on the 80's cool list a few years ago that did this swap. The group never did much in hearing about this and the thread sort of went away.

I think its a great idea and in the near future I will approach SleeOffRoad to do the work for me.

You may need to Google the crap out of the swap project; u may find something that someone else has done. I would pick a '95 or later engine and a five speed. Check with SOR & MAF to see what they have done.

Welcome and good luck

Keep us up to date on the project.

I already have a complete drive train from a 94.
I really wanted to use a manual trans and part time case, but the 5speeds are a tad taller gearing than I would choose and insanely expensive. I could just use the entire drive train, but short of those 2nd t/c (@$2500) from marks 4wd there justisnt the final gearing I want.
I may just go the TBI/turbo in front of a sm420 route on my 2f after all.

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