1997 LX450 / FJ80 drivetrain

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Mar 2, 2011
Providence Rhode Island
1997 LX450 / FJ80 drivetrain

Got a project coming up

Have a set of LX450 / FJ80 axles. These are 1997 factory take-outs and are stock. They are non e-locker axles.

$ 1,000.00 obo

Also for sale is the motor/tranny/t-case from a 1997 LX450.. It has 214,xxx miles and still has great oil pressure. It get's pulled in July so mid July it would be available

$1,500. obo
The above listed, $ 1,800.00 for everything and it is already pulled out and will be boxed up for pick up or delivery + shipping costs.

Shipped from what location, where do you live?
These are available if anyone is in need. They are at MUDRAK and Gary has done the change over. I also have other parts from the 1997 Anniversary Edition I pulled engine/S/C, etc etc off of and put onto mine. Make an offer, anything reasonable is fine with me. I have complete oem exhaust, 4 LX450 wheels, complete set of LX panels, tan in color, oem front/rear bumpers, LX450 front grill set up b/c I had TOYOTA set up put on.

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