1996 Oxygen Sensor Wiring help!

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Nov 11, 2017
Danville, VA
Hi - I am fixing my O2 sensors and need to replace at least one of the wiring harness plugs, but I have not been able to figure out which wire is which. I am using Denso with Blue (signal), White (earth), and two Black wires (heaters). Looks like the harness has Yellow/orange stripe, Orange, White, and Brown/black stripe. The first pic is the rear (I assume downstream since it's after the cats) part of the harness, the second (I assume upstream since it's before the cats-with attached plug). The upstream w/plug has had one wire already spliced into it-blue. Does anyone know which of the harness wires are signal/earth/heater/heater? I have all new plugs and need to coordinate the new splicing wires to match the Denso wiring. Anybody know? THANK YOU!

oxygen sensor wiring 2.jpg

oxygen sensor wiring.jpg
"Need o2 sensor wire pinouts"
Type things in the search thingy. Has been covered before with diagram pics

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