1994 80series locked (1 Viewer)

Jan 26, 2009
United States
Well i'm shipping off in a few months for the Army and i'm looking to get a bike to have some fun on until then. Has lockers but the actuators are stuck and since i never really took it off road didn't get around to fixing them. Besides that everything works great. Little over 180000 miles, alpine deck, 4 alpine door speakers, 2 6x9s in the back and a 600 watt amp powering it all. as far as body goes front left fender is broke. the leather seats are a little worn. has the jump seats in back. It's been a great vehicle i just don't want it to sit there forever while i'm gone... located in central texas. would be willing to trade for the right bike other wise asking 5500OBO
any questions just give me a call (254)624-4235

having trouble with computer and can't put picks up. as soon as i figure it out ill get em up tho
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