1990 4runner geared and locked

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It's time to sell another vehicle. I'll go through the why and how section first then go through all the details. I bought the truck from a friend 6 months ago, he bought it to wheel and daily drive for a while but it was his 4th toyota in the driveway so the wifey told him it had to go. I had sold my 80 to get out of a car payment for a while and had cleared enough to pay him cash for the runner. He had installed my old 80 rear springs in the back with a track bar drop bracket and new pro-comp shocks. It has 5.29 gears in the back with a full detroit. The front end is from a pickup with auto hubs but have some aisin manuals and another complete front end to convert it over. The front is lifted via and old school rancho subframe kit with upper control arms and ball joint spacers but t-bars uncranked netting about a 3.5-4" front lift. The front end also has 5.29's but is open. The auto tranny in it was bad when he bought it so he sourced a low mileage tranny and t-case and serviced it and had installed by another toyota guru that works at a trans shop. I cleaned the egr out, did some other svc items, replaced the y-pipe donut, put a new converter on it, passed emissions and have been driving it every day since. I found out a couple of weeks ago that we have another addition coming in about 6 months to join my 7 month old and just need a more practical daily driver like a stock 80 etc. So now that I have rambeled on here is a list of the good and bad:

1. Engine runs strong with 235k and has no coolant leaks and burns no oil. Head gasket recall was done in 98.
2. Trans shifts nice and crisp and engages into 4 wheel drive smoothly.
3. Obviously the lift and gears and rear detroit
4. 33x12.50 BFG A/T's about 1/2 tread with factory swing out tire carrier with full size spare
5. Aftermarket cd player/front speakers
6. Interior overall is fairly clean. The rear carpet is stained but the seats are in good shape(slight tear in driver front bolster) for for a 19 year old vehicle pretty decent.
7. Just changed the oil with amsoil, tranny fuid, diff's, complete injector service, new converter and pretty new muffler, new belts, recent alignment.

The bad:
1. Power antenna was broken off but still picks up local stations fine
2. Rear wing and rear wiper were removed(not sure why)
3. Driver rear window inop, stays up(rear cargo window and sunroof work fine)
4. Body is in ok shape, dents and scratches, paint oxidized on the roof but from 10 yards still shines!
5. Have to have the front sway bar off to run the front driveshaft(I have left the sway bar off for about 6 weeks and drives about the same)
6. Leaks some oil from the valve cover gaskets and rear main seal but not bad
7. The a/c is inop, just bought a retrofit kit and will check and recharge before the sale to see whats up.

I think thats all. The truck drives straight, rides ok, has ok power with the 3.slow with only 33's. I really planned on keeping it and putting a solid axle under the front end but no extra room in the garage for that now, or in the budget with another baby on the way. I drove the truck 3+ hours one way and wheeled it on some moderate trails and drove it home without a hitch a couple of weekends ago. I wouldn't hesistate to drive this truck anywhere. E-mail for pics. I am pretty motivated to sell this $3800 local $3600 for mud members o.b.o. :cheers:
Bump for newly rebuilt alternator and forgot to mention the ses light is on with an egr code again.
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Bump to the top for finally figuring out how to download pics!!!

Come on with some offers!!
Bump, Is no one buying these now?? These 3rd gen runners are hot and cold I guess.
Bump. Price drop $3000.00!! Don't make me trade it for a maxima.
Didn't trade for a max, but I got the a/c blowing ice cold!! bumpty bump

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