1982 bj60 Electrical Troubles

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Apr 11, 2010
NW Ontario Canada
Greetings Everybody,,, I picked up a bj60 diesel couple weeks back, it would start easy but shut down right away, if you kept the starter on it would run. I tried new ignition switch and in the process I lost my starter circuit and glowplug circuit as well. My glowplug charge lights come on but the ready indicator no longer lights up and I think the plugs arent glowing as it wont start anymore. I can hear the relays click when I hit the starter but no starter motor, starter is fine when I hardwire it. Maybe all these symptoms are due to failure of particular unit such as ignition relay or another fuseable link that I havent checked yet? Any help I would really appreciate as I have messed with a few yotas but this is my first diesel and I am lost. Thanks

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