1980 Smog pump problems

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Nov 19, 2006
My smog pump is making a lot of noise again. I rebuilt it a few years ago expecting it to last but...

The rebuilder says these 1980-87 pumps are hard to find parts for and I need mine to work to pass the CA smog test.

Wondering if these came on other models from Mr T. of the same vintage or even other car makers at the time. I might be able to salvage one from a yard of possible use one as a parts source.
I have a smog pump from a 1980 - Dec 1979 build date - I have no clue if it is the same as yours. I'll give it to you if you'll cover the shipping. No idea of the actual condition, but it turns freely by hand and you can feel air blowing out of it. If there is a better way to test it, maybe someone will chime in.
That sounds like a great offer. I will cover the shipping. I'll PM shortly.
Auto Zone pump is a modified Ford pump. Probably works but looks like crap.
mine works great bolted right in, its not chrome but it looks good.


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