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Feb 1, 2015
I am new to this site, but i really need your help. i am in the process of restoration of a 9/1970 FJ 40 Landcruiser and at this time i am nearly ready for final painting. Now the question, what is the correct paint code. the paint code is not on the data plate on the right nor is it on the left door support. From looking at the various sites including cool fj store, PPG paint, and TCM Iam still not completely certain I have the correct code. From the charts I have viewed it appears that the color on my unit is Muleta Red t 1454. the headlamp Bezel and roof might be t012 Cygnus White. could some one please help me confirm the color choices.

I think Muleta red was the only red offered in 1970.

thank you

If its a brighter red it could possibly be Freeborn red but most likely on that year it would be a darker red which would be in fact the Muleta red that you are referring to.as far as the white is concerned,the only white is the Cygnus white which in fact goes on both the bezel as well as the top.

If you are going with PPG your local paint supplier can contact them direct and transfer the code over to a basecoat/clearcoat we have them do it all the time.Hope all this helps.

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